Misha was hit by a car. Driver didn't stop to help. 


In the clinic Misha had surgery on his jaw, eye surgery and suturing of the eyelids.


Every day Misha is having inhalations and sanation of the mouth. So far he refuses to eat. 


Kachubey was hit by a bus. The driver left screaming dog to die right in the middle of the road. As a result Kachubey got broken legs and multiple injuries.



The results of analysis also shown pyroplasmosis. Currently it is his main disease because it is life-threatening.


Lucky was hit by a car. The driver didn’t stop to help.


During x-ray the fracture of the pelvis was revealed.


The results of the analyses showed parvovirus enteritis, as well as a massive helminth infestation.


Her condition is assessed as severe. It is difficult for puppy’s body to cope with the virus, helminths and injury at the same time.


Therapy directed at stabilization of Lucky’s condition is carried out



Update: Lucky was discharged from the clinic.


Starving and haggard kitty was living on the street nearby gas station.


In the clinic she was sterilized.


Angela is severely depleted, intensive feeding is carried out, as well as immunostimulating therapy.



Update: Angela was discharged from the clinic.


Vasya was bitten by rats. He was lying for 6 days without any help and was rotting alive. 


As a result: necrosis, doctors are trying to save three legs. Vasya is having droppers, injections and 5 leeches every day suck out infected blood. 


Update: Vasya survived and was discharged from the clinic. All three legs were saved!


[Spartacus had numerous wounds and his eye was knocked out. His story will be updated soon] 


[Dina had open wound of leg. Due to necrosis the leg was amputated. Dina's story will be updated soon]