Lovely dogs from the Maykop's shelter are looking for a home!


This is our beautiful dog Smiley. She is one of the very few dogs who has been in the shelter from the very beginning. She was terribly beaten before we rescued her and it took her 3 years (!) to start trusting people again. Now she even smiles! Over the years most of the shelter dogs found loving families but no one was ever interested in Smiley. We love her a lot but we will be incredibly happy if someone else would be ready to give their love to her. 


Kirill was hit by a car and left to die on the roadside. People who were passing by called us and asked us to rescue him. His leg was broken in several places. After surgery and long rehabilitation in the veterinary clinic he moved to the shelter and now look at this handsome, fluffy dog! Isn’t he handsome?


Kirill is young, very self-confident, cuddly and kind boy. He limps a little on one leg but it doesn’t cause him any pain. Kirill is looking for a real home and people ready to love him.


For some reason Michelle is invisible for most of the people. We don’t know why no one ever called us about her or even looked at her. And she is so beautiful and friendly. She has a kind soul and is waiting for a miracle, we can see it in her eyes. We love her and she loves us but she needs a real home and best owners in the world. Michelle is sterile, young, active and affectionate. She is also vaccinated and perfectly gets along with other dogs. Michelle is waiting for great and loving owners!


When we rescued Spartacus from the street, he looked like a character from a horror movie: knocked out eye, broken jaw, covered in blood… Witnesses said he laid like this for 2 days with no help. We don’t know what happened to him – his numerous wounds differed from each other. He survived surgery and long recovery and now our brave boy moved to the shelter. We made him an enclosure, because of his problems with vision. Despite his unfortune, Spartacus is cheerful, happy and super positive boy who loves life, loves us, loves food. Spartacus is approximately 6 – 7 years old, he is calm and quiet and he is waiting for You!


Here is our beautiful dog Tigra. She is young, active, beautifully colored, sterile and vaccinated. She eats all types of food and gets very happy when we bring her tasty treats!

Tigra is waiting for loving people to take her home. She is not too tall – not above the knee.


Our beautiful partly dachshund – Zlata. She is small, very kind and very cuddly. She gets cold easily so we hope one day she will be living in the house. Her booth is now filled with straw which helps us a little to save her from cold weather outside. We took her to the shelter because she was dying of cold on the streets. She eats all types of food, she is vaccinated and sterile and she waits for the best owners in the world!


Silvia is another beautiful girl who lives in our shelter! She is very charming, fluffy and a little bit chubby. She has a golden personality – kind and affectionate and at the same time is a great guard. 

Her story is really sad – she was living in the yard of apartment block and was hated by most of the residents. They hated Silvia because for her existence, and tried to kill her because she was guarding the yard. These people buried her puppies alive, she tried to save them but she couldn’t. After this unfortunate event kind people vaccinated her and asked us to take her to the shelter. Now the shelter is her home but we hope she wll be able to find her own loving family one day.


We are happy to introduce you to our beautiful girl Lisa. She loves collecting stuff. She collects everything – sticks, rags, pieces of wood. She always helps when we clean the shelter. Lisa is very communicative, kind and cuddly. She loves everyone – people and dogs. We rescued her when she was a scared puppy hit by a car. Now she is cheerful and happy dog waiting for active people to take her home. Lisa is young, sterile, vaccinated and ready to bring you lots of positive mood!

Chip and Dale

Little brothers Chip and Dale =) On this photo they just got vaccinated so they are a bit shocked. In real life they are very happy boys! They are very young, have great appetite and always ready to have fun! They are looking for homes where they can play and eat as much as they like. And most importantly they are waiting for their human to love him and protect.


Handsome, young, self-confident boy. He loves people, especially children, and is neutral to other dogs. He is vaccinated, very good guard and is always in a good mood. His most favorite things in the world are hugs and tasty food. Stas is waiting for a new home and ready to love his human unconditionally.  


Rada is a healthy beautiful dog who loves good food and attention. She is sterile, young, full of energy! She is an excellent guard and at the same time loves people and is friendly to other dogs. Rada is waiting for You!


Our bright beautiful girl Kashtanka loves sunny days, tasty food and warm hugs. She is a super kind girl – she loves people, dogs and even birds. Birds steal her food and she never attacks them. Kashtanka is vaccinated, sterile, not too tall. She is calm and good with children. This beautiful girl is waiting for kind people to adopt her. 


Here is Ksenia's story: she was living on the street and was a wild dog and was very scared of people. While we were trying to gain her trust, she gave birth to 5 puppies. The place where she and the puppies lived was unsafe and during the rain all baby dogs drowned. That is when she came out to people, holding her dead puppy and looking for help. None of the puppies survived and we finally managed to catch Ksenia. By that time she was deeply hated by people from neaby houses, hated because Ksenia often gave birth to puppies. Now Ksenia is very happy in the shelter, has a great appetite, loves special treats. She is sterile, vaccinated and very friendly to other dogs. She is waiting for responsible owners, who will be ready to gain her trust and give her their love. 


Someone left 4 white puppies-girls in the field nearby the shelter. Three of them found homes with our help and Ulyana still lives in the shelter. She is sterile and vaccinated. Calm, beautiful, healthy girl is looking for a loving family.  


We found Santa on 30th of December, right before New Year’s eve. All people were busy buying presents and we were trying to catch a bleeding dog. Her New Year present from some “kind person” was a big stone which smashed her face. Her eye was knocked out with a rock and vets stitched it. Now Santa is a kind, happy, chubby girl with an only dream – to find home where she will be loved. She has one eye but big and loving heart. Maybe You are this kind person, who can adopt little Santa?


Sherry and her sister Mary were brought to the shelter even though normally we don’t accept puppies. But these girls were in a great danger and we couldn’t leave them to die. Sisters are living in a self-made enclosure. They are happy beautiful girls, always ready to have fun. Sisters are waiting for people who are ready to give them lots of love, cozy home and tasty treats. 


Mary and her sister Sherry were brought to the shelter even though normally we don’t accept puppies. But these girls were in a great danger and we couldn’t leave them to die. Sisters are living in a self-made enclosure. They are happy beautiful girls, always ready to have fun. Sisters are waiting for people who are ready to give them lots of love, cozy home and tasty treats. 


Grisha was brought by some “kind people” to an open field and was left there to die. We don’t know how long he was there and how he managed to survive. He had no opportunity to find food or water. It was very hot summer and there was no water around. It was a miracle that Grisha was noticed by a good man, who called us. We brought Grisha to the shelter – we always try to help. He is a young and kind boy, who loves people too much and doesn’t want to bark at them. Possibly, he was left in the field because of his kindness and poor guarding qualities. Back then he was malnourished and dehydrated, had to take a course of droppers and recovered really quickly - young body helped. Now he is a happy and sunny boy, who loves affection and tasty treats. Grisha is waiting for a good kind family to adopt him.

Happy photos from the shelter