Our Maia found a new home!

We have great news! Today we received a call from a very nice couple who wanted to adopt Maia! They came to the shelter and were choosing between 2 dogs and Maia became the lucky one =)) Our dear girl, please, be happy and many thanks to your new owners!! 

As always there is a queue for a vacant space in the shelter. Tomorrow, we are going to bring new dog to the shelter. So far we will not say who it is, not sure if we can catch him. Very soon we will introduce you to our new resident!

Today nine dogs were saved from slaughtering

We received a call from residents of an apartment block - a dog was suffering from  demodicosis, her fur was peeling of and there was almost no hair left. We reacted quickly and gave poor girl a very effective pill. But this is not the end of the story. At the same place a huge pack of dogs formed - 7 male dogs came from different places to visit a girl-dog. Other residents of the same apartment called special service for SHOOTING homeless animals. Time to save dogs was very limited but due to well coordinated work of caring people we were able to prevent a tragedy! We caught the girl dog, sterilized her in the clinic and for 10 days she was living in volunteer’s house. Kind people persuaded others to cancel dog shooting. As a result a pack of dogs broke up, one of them is now sterile, dog with demodecosis became much happier and much prettier. Thanks to everyone who took part in saving dogs! 

Bitten by rats cat was rotting alive for 6 days without help

Vasya was rotting alive after rats attack. We received a call from teenagers – suffering cat was lying for 6 days without help, there was a horrible smell because the cat was rotting. We brought him to the hospital, results of analysis showed necrosis, doctors are trying to save three legs. Vasya is having droppers, injections and 5 leeches every day suck out infected blood. 

Lucky left the vet clinic and says hello to everyone!

Today Lucky, who was hit by a car, left vet clinic and was placed in the hotel for dogs (photo 1). Also there lives our another boy – Lukoil, who was also hit by a car and left to die (photo 2). Lukoil’s legs were seriously broken so now he is learning how to walk again.



Good day to everyone! =) 

Happy sunny hello from our pretty puppies!

We wish you a great day and a happy mood! =)

Three more animals rescued

Today we rescued three more animals. A cat was hit by a car (photo 1), starving cat with skin problems (photo 2), and a puppy who was also hit by a car (photo 3).


And today our debt to veterinary clinic reached its highest – 3 000 dollars!!


Thanks to everyone who helps us! But our debt is much higher than cumulative sum of the donations we receive. It is very sad and painful that we have capacity to save more hurted animals but we don’t have financial resources for that. Should money be the decisive factor in the matter of saving lives?



We also need any type of food for animals. There are 62 dogs in the shelter, 9 dogs in the special hotel for dogs, and 8 cats.

[The rest of the section will be translated soon]


Please, have a look at our lovely dogs