Help for shelter "Chummy", Maykop city

Volunteers, who protect and help to stray animals in Maykop city are facing very difficult situation at the current moment. Everyone remembers in Maykop how one year ago local authorities have shot about 30 dogs inside the shelter right outside their own booths. Shelter owner was threatened and he together with his assistants brought the survived dogs in the suburb of Maykop.


Since then, the shelter has expanded, and now there is a large number of injured stray animals, which local volunteers are not able to maintain at his own expense. In addition, the shelter is located in a valley, and during the winter time there has begun a real deluge. There is a water inside booths, bowls floating in the water, and the animals are cold.


Volunteers are going to equip this shelter on their own or move to another place, but without our help, they cannot make it.


There is a huge need for a financial help, as well as curators from big cities with experience in this field are really needed for some particularly animals with a hard health problems.


You can help us financially in the following ways:


- Donate through sending money to our  account number on Yandex.Money: 41001345627829,

- Donate though fill up our bank account in the Sberbank (we give card details upon request).


Also we need more new volunteers! Dogs really need affection and attention, and our hands are not enough for everyone.